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Reactoonz 2 Game Review


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Slot Machine



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​Progressive Jackpot


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Free Spins


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Game Information

Progressive Jackpot

Bonus Function

Free Spins

Fast Spin Function

Reactoonz 2 is a 7x7 cascading video slot game.

Wins are achieved by getting 5 or more symbols in clusters. These are removed and new symbols fill up the grid. Cascades continue until no more wins can be created.

A random one-eyed symbol type fluctuates on each new round. If fluctuating symbols form a winning cluster, a single ELECTRIC WILD is created randomly on any spot of the removed symbols. Furthermore, FLUCTOMETER collects all the removed fluctuating symbols and creates 1, 2 or 3 ELECTRIC WILDS randomly when full, after all wins and cascades play out.

All non-WILD, one-eyed and two-eyed symbols removed by an ELECTRIC WILD through wins or WILD PAIR EXPLOSION are counted as charges to the QUANTUMETER.

QUANTUMETER has 4 charge levels and holds up to 135 charges. Level 1 requires 55 charges, level 2 requires 85, level 3 requires 110 and level 4 requires 135. Level 3 is the fully charged state of QUANTUMETER and level 4 is its overcharged state. QUANTUMETER continues to charge after releasing an ENERGOON, but releasing GARGANTOON disables it.

After 3x3 GARGANTOON triggers a cascade, it is replaced by two 2x2 GARGANTOON WILDS. After 2x2 GARGANTOON triggers a cascade, it is replaced by nine 1x1 GARGANTOON WILDS.

WILD PAIR EXPLOSION activates if there are 2 or more ELECTRIC WILDS remaining on the grid, after all wins are counted and any FLUCTOMETER and QUANTUMETER effects are played. 2 ELECTRIC WILDS are randomly selected, always preferring those that are horizontally or vertically adjacent. A pair of adjacent ELECTRIC WILDS will remove all other symbols, except for other WILDS. A non-adjacent pair of ELECTRIC WILDS will remove any one-eyed and two-eyed symbols between the pair of WILDS.

UNCHARGED WILDS can cascade onto the grid anytime. These do not take part in any wins but can be charged by adjacent winning clusters or WILD PAIR EXPLOSION. Once charged, they become ELECTRIC WILDS.

Order of Priority after all the winning clusters are counted, and the

cascades are done: FLUCTOMETER,



Reactoonz 2 slot is the follow up to, yep you guessed it, Reactoonz 1 . It offers features already seen in various other releases. The design is excellent and very tongue in cheek. It has a comical feel to it.

The key to winning big is from the Free Spins feature as high-value symbols can transform into the highest value symbol. €508,300 (5083 x total bet, Win Cap) Whilst it’s not original in terms of bonus features, it’s an entertaining Megaways slot with a unique look and feel.

At ukslots.co, we like it because it has high volatility and a decent RTP . Both features blend seamlessly with our slot strategies. Visit https://en.topcasinobonus.vip/ and select one of the online casinos that suits you.

Therefore, this games get's the thumbs up, classic.

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