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Who's the best paying RTP online casino?

Everyone who plays online casinos' at some point begin to wonder where all your money has gone and why your luck is so bad.

Well, the casinos' are required to make available something called the RTP (Return to player) for each game you play, this number gives you some idea of how you are doing.

This does come with a caveat however, the RTP figures cover the life of game. So let's say you play 'Curse of the Werewolf' from Pragmatic for six months, your RTP will reflect your entire play and depending on the casino will be around 92% which is the average. But there may be some days where your RTP is very 50% and there will also be sessions where you are way over at maybe 200%, but over the life of the game and your play, it should level out.

On our site www.topcasinobonus.vip we have some of the top paying casinos' to give you a better chance of winning. The top 5 paying sites we have are listed here:

Mega Casino - 96.76% RTP

NetBet - 96.65% RTP

Lord Ping - 96.62% RTP

Schmitss - 95.96% RTP

Slots Devil - 95.53% RTP

So with this information in hand, why not register with one of these top RTP paying sites, just click on the name of the casino to be taken straight there.

Good luck friends

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