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Is it the end for VIP schemes in the UK?

Actualizado: 8 de nov de 2020

On the 1st November 2020, the Gambling Commission introduced new recommendations to all on-line casinos' on how to manage and reward their VIP members.

The reason behind the recommendations is because the UKGC believes the casinos' make it too attractive with the goodwill bonus, free bonus, daily/weekly cash back on net loss, free gifts, holidays . . . . all meant to reward the customers loyalty, but seen as too much in the eyes of the UKGC.

Several companies have already taken drastic measures in attempt to stay on the right side of the UKGC and cut their cash back down to 10% max and restricted deposit match bonus.

Members also need to verify their affordability by showing evidence such as bank statements, pay slips, tax returns etc to show they have the funds to gamble to the level they do. While this is needed and will certainly help to keep members safe by only allowing people to deposit what they can afford, the measures some casino have taken may effect their long term success so the it remains to be seen if this is a good move or not.

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