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What bonus can I expect?

  • Find out what you can expect when you join a casino and the rewards for staying.

First of all, don't expect anything! Every bonus given is at the discretion of the casino and they can withdraw any bonus at anytime.

But let's say you are playing at a casino and you are mid level VIP status and you decide to try a new casino.

At the new casino, you will more than likely be starting from zero so the perks you benefit from @ casino A, you will not get @ casino B. Until you have played for a few weeks and they can see how much you deposit and how much you take out, these are the key factors when deciding your VIP level.

  • So when you sign up to any online casino, you will probably be given a welcome bonus, probably 100% deposit match, something good to get you in. This will have wagering though ranging from 20x up to 70x the bonus plus deposit and you may have to use on certain games like live Roulette or live Blackjack, slot games or lotto, so be careful.

  • When you have been there for a few weeks, you may be given an account manager if you spend a decent amount in the first few weeks, I'm not talking €$50, I mean €$2,000-5,000. Your account manager may offer free bonus with low or no wagering, usually between 10% - 20% of your net loss.

  • Some offer daily reloads, for example 1 x 100% deposit match up to €$1,000 or 3 x 50% up to €$1,000, again with low or no wagering.

  • Periodically you will receive no deposit free spins or Golden Chips to use on live Roulette or Live Blackjack, usually once a week and occasionally gifts on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas.

  • If you are a really big spender, you will more than likely be given a bespoke loyalty deal of weekly cash back, free reloads and no deposit free spins plus expensive gifts like iPhone, holidays etc and if if you don't have this, contact me and I will arrange a deal at one of our fabulous online casinos.

This is all contingent on you putting money into the casino! So don't expect a €$1,000 free bonus or no deposit free spins if you have only deposited €$20 !


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